Silicon Valley and the Heart’s Delight

The last three weeks I’ve been fighting a very nasty cold which has progressed to an infection.  Earlier this week I could no longer stand being indoors and took a lovely hike.  Some pictures:

8 minutes into my hike
Silicon Valley - Moffet Air Field
Winder Clouds
Winter Clouds


It did very little for my physical well being but lifted my spirits immensely.  There were birds, deer, tiny rabbits and one California Newt (which was nearly impaled by one of my walking poles.)  As the sun fell behind the clouds and I wandered through the darkening valley, I heard owl calls.  It’s a blessing to have access to miles of trails mere minutes from downtown Silicon Valley.  Leave behind the VCs, the social media, the heavy weight of the struggling economy.

Yesterday the doctor gave me antibiotics and some codeine-infused cough syrup.  As I fell asleep last night in a drugged haze I thought about my hike – my feet sliding against the wet, brown earth, my breath ragged as I struggled up the fire roads.  Trail enthusiasts running by – did I see that kid on the cover of Fast Company?  Highway 85 illuminating the liminal sky.  I love this valley, once known as the valley of heart’s delight.


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