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Gorgeous sun right now in the Bay Area with lurking clouds. We’ve had a couple of weeks of rain with more rain coming. It’s been raining on weekends which makes training for the AIDS LifeCycle Ride difficult. I have two bikes on trainers – my road bike at my place and one of the gf’s legacy road bikes at her place – so I can cycle away to my heart’s content. It is not fun.

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She owns a series of DVDs called “Spinnervals” that come with a suffering index. On Sunday I did one that wiped me out in a half hour – sweating profusely, ready to vomit. It was ridiculously hard. There were tears, I admit. I felt embarrassed to be so out of shape, especially in front of someone I love. Her reaction – “If your going to do endurance sports, the first thing to learn is humility.” So fierce! And gives good hugs. I am smitten.

The benefit of all the aforesaid nonsense is that 1hr on the trainer following their program equals 1.5 to 2 hours on the road. This cycling is a giant money suck – clothes, accessories, anti-chafing creams, socks. Being outside on the bicycle is addictive – there is something wonderful about moving yourself through space, not being in a car.

In order to leverage the outlay and toys, I’ve signed up for a 150mile MS event in September and am starting triathlon training. I don’t think I’d ever do more than sprint distance, but it’s a good way to stay on the exercise straight and narrow.


One thought on “More cycling

  1. I have to admit, I am a “trainer as a last resort” kind of rider. Last Sunday, as the skies briefly clear but in the weather you mentioned, I ventured up into Bonny Doon. Had I chosen the trainer I wouldn’t have felt the rain pummel me nor had the chance to descend a closed BD Rd to the coast and hike-a-bike over two redwoods that completely blocked the road. Yah, I like riding outside and meditating on the white line!

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