Better Living Through Chemistry

CD art for Fat Boy Slim
Better Living Through Chemistry

Better Living Through Chemistry

Good album with an even better title.   If you aren’t familiar with Fat Boy Slim (aka Norman Cook) I highly recommend 1998s “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby.”

Returning to this decade, today’s better living through chemistry is about Vitamin D and Omega 3.  Apparently my brain has none for the black dog has descended upon my psyche already once this week (terrifying given it’s Tuesday.)   Hence I will use my scientific super powers for self-interest.  It’s time for a full frontal chemical assualt.

Brain Recipe 1.0

  • 2000 IU D3
  • 1000 IU D2
  • 1200mg Ca and Mg each
  • 120mg algae-based DHA

I don’t do fish oil due to allergies, though I would likely not do it due to environment/ethics, and heavy metals.

Ruminating on the best way to visually represent this and other health projects.


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