Parallel Processing

An image of the Cray 2 supercomputer
Cray 2

My brain is working its way through my to do list in my sleep. This week I’ve been ruminating on the first lecture for my upcoming thin film deposition class (I write the first lecture last and frequently it’s just off the cuff.)

Last night I not only created the outline and content in my dream, I also selected the white board markers I would be taking to the first class. Note to my brain: student hate the orange marker. They can’t see it well from the back of the room.

What I’ve been mulling; almost all technological advances of the mid twentieth century through today are due to the ability to deposit thin (micron and nanometer) films (with the IC being the lynchpin.) The only thing that stands out as a glaring exception is pharma – more about combinatorial chemistry but the analytical and spectroscopic tools would likely require thin film chips and detectors.

Your thoughts?


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