90s Girl Rock or I effing love Kathleen Hanna

a modified version of this post first appeared in my now defunct blog “Inconstant Directive” in 2008.  

Not to be confused with Riot Grrls (all bow before the altar of Kathleen Hanna) I just wanted to share some 90s goodness. Based on these videos, I apparently haven’t changed my wardrobe in 15 years. Ack.

First off, my cousin Polly Jean:
1991/2, PJ Harvey, Dress (from Dry)



Without the Pixies, and Kim Deal, there would have been no Nirvana (or so said Kurt Cobain.) Here’s Kim with her sister Kelly:

1993, The Breeders, Cannonball (from The Last Splash)


Talking about Kurt, here’s his wife. Supposedly he was writing In Utero during this time and hiding in the bathroom to keep Courtney from taking his hooks. Sexist apocrypha?  Maybe…but if you’ve ever played “Smells like Teen Spirit” on the guitar and “Doll Parts” you wonder…hmmm. Of course the same could be said for Foo Fighter’s Everlong. I digress…

1994, Hole, Violet (from Live Through This)


Courtney ripped off Kathleen’s Kinderwhore look. Ms. Love looked so much better before all that plastic surgery. Plastic surgery worse then heroin. Who knew? Someone tell that to Madonna, stat!  Sleater-Kinney was part of the offshoot from RiotGrrl called QueerCore

1996, Sleater-Kinney, I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone (from Call the Doctor and part of the All over Me soundtrack)



Yes, I know Kathleen Hanna was in Le Tigre; but that wasn’t a Riot Grrl band like Bikini Kill. Note the presence of JD Sampson who later was part of Peaches’ (an electroclash artist) back up band, the Herms.
1999, Le Tigre, Deceptacon (from Le Tigre)



Okay fine, here’s Kathleen. This post is really about Kathleen Hanna, isn’t it? First, Deceptacon live. Then some real Riot Grrl action:


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